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Black Angus Beef - Menu
Sandersville, GA

Bob's Big Burger*


Served on a grilled sesame seed bun with mustard, red onion, pickle slices and white American cheese. So good Bob put his name on it.

Side (Select 1):Small Tossed Salad +$3.75Small Caesar Salad +$3.75Pasta Salad PBC Veggies +$4Cheese Grits +$4Cup of Cheesey Potato Soup +$3Bowl of Cheesy Potato Soup +$5KETTLE CHIPS +$3.50Potato Salad +$3PBC BLACK BEANS +$3
Burger Toppings (Optional):Tomato Red Onion Pickle Slices
Dressing (Select 1):Homemade Ranch Homemade Blue Cheese Caesar Homemade Chipotle Ranch Balsamic Vinaigrette Honey Mustard Thousand Island Mediterranean Feta Light Italian Light Ranch No Dressing
Pick a Side:Cheese Grits Cheesy Potato Soup 1/4 lb. Beer Battered Fries Potato Salad Fried Okra Small Tossed Salad Caesar Salad Pasta Salad PBC Power Blend Veggies Kettle Chips Baby Greek Salad +$1.50Baked Potato w/B & SC +$1.50

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